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We provide you with the opportunity to publish your paper in Journals

Papers registered and presented during the World Conference on Research in Social Sciences will have the opportunity to be considered for publication in the following journals:

Deadline: 15 May 2020

Important Note: Kindly be noted that the manuscripts submitted directly to the Journal, will not be considered for this publication opportunity.
You are required to submit your paper ONLY via the submission form included in the current page.

International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation


Journal Link:

Scopus index link:

Publication processes: 10-12 weeks

* publication fee will be €270 per article

Instructions for Authors

  • The author to whom all correspondence be addressed should be denoted by an asterisk mark.
  • Names should be followed by the complete postal address or addresses with pin code numbers of the place(s), where the research work has been carried out.
  • At the bottom left corner of the title page, please mention “*Address For correspondence” and provide a functional e-mail address. Address of the corresponding author to whom all correspondence may be sent should be given only if it is different from the address already given under authors’ names.
  • Provide a running title or short title of not more than 50 characters.
  • Each manuscript should start with an abstract, containing the most essential results of the study. Extensive review papers and articles for continuous education should be preceded by an outline of topics.
  • Please provide a list of keywords relevant to the article.
  • Papers should be subdivided into chapters and subchapters according to the decimal system (e.g. 2.1.3.).
  • To achieve clarity and brevity of the presentation, original contributions should be subdivided after the abstract as follows:
  • Introduction: This should indicate the question under investigation which is generally based on a brief interpretation of the literature considering the current state of knowledge in the subfield and explaining the necessary theoretical foundations. The Introduction should lead the reader to the importance of the study; tie-up published literature with the aims of the study and clearly states the rationale behind the investigation.
  • Experimental, Materials and Methods: All important materials used along with their source shall be mentioned. The main methods used shall be briefly described, citing references. Trivial details may be avoided. New methods or substantially modified methods may be described in sufficient detail. The statistical method and the level of significance chosen shall be clearly stated. This part describes briefly the detailed experimental conditions. Unless directions taken from literature have been modified, it suffices to refer to the original source.
  • Result and Discussion: All findings presented in tabular or graphical form shall be described in this section. The data should be statistically analyzed and the level of significance stated. Data that is not statistically significant need only to be mentioned in the text – no illustration is necessary. This section should deal with the interpretation of results, convey how they help increase current understanding of the problem and should be logical. Unsupported hypothesis should be avoided. There is no need to include another title such as “Conclusions” at the end of Result and Discussion.
  • References: Literature citations in the text should be numbered consecutively and indicated by Arabic numerals in parentheses after appropriate sentences and/or paragraphs. Please do not use endnotes or footnotes. References should be grouped at the end of the manuscript and arranged in order of their appearance in the text not alphabetically.
  • All images, figures, graphs, and tables must be at the end of the article. The number of figures and tables should not exceed 6 in total.
  • Authors will be asked to sign a transfer of copyright form when the papers are accepted for publication.

European Journal of Behavioral Sciences

ISSN: 2538-807X

Journal Link:

Publication Processes: 4 weeks

Publication fee: Free

EJBS is indexed/abstract with the following databases: Index Copernicus, DRJI, ResearchBib, Scientific Indexing Services, Google Scholar. EJBS has linked its papers to references by DOIs assigned by Crossref.

Instructions for Authors

Manuscripts should be organized as follows:

  • Title page: List title, authors, and affiliations as first page of manuscript
  • Abstract: an abstract should summarize the key points of the manuscript in 150 to 250 words. An abstract is a short summary of a larger work for the purpose of condensing the argument, conclusions, and/or results into a paragraph. After the abstract, please supply up to five keywords or brief phrases.
  • Manuscript should follow the style detailed in the APA publication manual.
  • Introduction
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions (optional)
  • Acknowledgments (if applicable)
  • References: EJBS uses “APA” Reference style. Each listed reference should be cited in text, and each text citation should be listed in the references section.
  • Supporting information captions (if applicable)
  • Figure captions are inserted immediately after the first paragraph in which the figure is cited.
  • Tables are inserted immediately after the first paragraph in which they are cited.

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